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August 22, 2012
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"Are you ok?" I glance upwards into the startlingly vivid eyes, jolted out of my thoughts.
"Oh...yes, I'm fine." I give a smile, a tender hand ghosting over my cheek as Arthur brushes past to prepare some tea with fondness in his eyes. We've spent the entire day indoors, entwined in each-other's arms and savouring the peace and quiet. It's warm and homely in his quaint little abode, and we both adore the feeling of being curled up beneath mountains of blankets with warm mugs of tea. It's now a habit of ours, I suppose; more often that not we're spending our Saturdays in this tranquil state, oblivious to everything but each-other. Or rather the two of us and one other. Arthur had been delighted, ecstatic beyond relief at the news, and no matter how much I protest he insists on me being comfortable. He's even had the endurance to cope with all the general symptoms of being pregnant, reassuring and kind when my moods occasionally turn sour and understanding when I break down into tears. I couldn't ask for a better partner, wouldn't even dream of a life without him.

Soon enough Arthur returns to the living room, placing two steaming mugs of tea on the coffee table and easing himself on to his scratched leather Chesterfield. Almost immeadietly I find safe, gentle arms around me and a freckled nose nuzzling in my fragrant hair. "What were you thinking about?" He queries, closing his luminous eyes and cuddling closer. I respond, the two of us warm beneath a scratchy knitted blanket with the scent of Earl Grey in the air. "How do you know?" I chuckle quietly, tilting my head back and smiling serenely at him.
"Why wouldn't I after all this time?" He sighs, a chuckle expelling from his lips. His pale fingers twirl a strand of my hair absent-mindedly. "My impossible, beautiful, insane little ______~"
"If I'm mad so are you."
"Madly in love~" We laugh, the sound resonating through the cozy expanse of Arthur's sitting room. The television is just background noise, but he reaches out for the remote and tugs the blankets tighter around us. "How about we see what's on the BBC and then I'll pop to the chippy?" He has that giddy, affectionate smile on this face that I find truly irresistible. "Sounds perfect~"

We're watching Doctor Who now, Arthur's avid gaze fixated on the flickering screen. It's quite endearing how much he adores certain shows we watch, though for once my own eyes are not on the antics of the Time Lord and his companions. Instead I savour the reassuring warmth of the Englishman beside me, admiring him as he becomes engrossed in what he's watching. His hair is full of sunlight, streams of it like liquid gold as they filter through the windows and fall on his handsome face- It's a nice change to see the sunshine, the glow of it making the autumn leaves outside vibrant and the blonde in their path even more mesmerizing. There's a smattering of freckles around his shimmering eyes, a tantalizing expanse of collar-bone and porcelain skin exposed as his moss-green jumper slips from his shoulder. One elbow rests on the arm of our sofa, his fingers spidering over the surface as he stretches them and traces the studs embedded in the leather. My gaze travels to his other hand, placing down a tea-cup with reverence and then letting it drift back to it's previous spot on my denim-clad thigh. Each little move Arthur makes seems to do him justice, his tousuled, shaggy hair falling artfully in his eyes as he laughs again and turns to face me.

"Did you hear that?~" He teases "Bow-ties are cool~" We laugh, and I start snuggling closer to him and begin to rest my head on his shoulder.
"Wouldn't it be funny if I started craving fish fingers and custard?"
"Indeed it would, poppet..." Arthur smiles, ignoring the television in favour of pressing his lips softly to mine. He tastes of tea and dark chocolate, the smell of washing-powder clinging to his clothing and the aroma of roses emanating from his smooth skin. I smile into the kiss as I think about him, shifting my weight and resting my back against his chest after drawing back. My fingers twine in his jumper almost instinctively.
"Do you think the baby will enjoy doing this with us?" He ponders softly, and I nod.
"We'll be a proper family."
"'s something I've always wanted."
"Because of everything that happened with your brothers and your family?"
"...Yes. But it doesn't matter now, only you matter. You and that baby." He ghosts a gentle hand over my stomach, looking pensive "The two of you...I-I'd do anything to make you happy."
"You promise?"
"I swear on fish fingers and custard~"
Just a very very sappy drabble I wrote just now, which probably doesn't make a lot of sense XD I sort of like it, and I think it's cute, but I really should be working on other things...
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icespark1298 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
Awesome Face, Doctor Style Fish fingers and custard :3 Great story btw
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EVERYTHING! I freakin' love this!
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FLUFFY!!!! England (Fantasy) [V3]  :iconrainbrowsplz:
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Also, TIME LORDS! Thank you for tossing that in there.
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fish fingers and custard for the win!
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It's so fluffy.I love it.
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